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Solfeggio Maestro

Description of courses:

Music Reading

The software works at the same time the reading and the knowledge in basic theory. The develop is assited and this avoid correct the practice of reading.

The study of the instrument can begin or continue before to finish this course of music reading.

Theory of the Music

The software brings a comprensive and simplify course, explained the different topics with examples. The documentation with key lessons allows you to reach a complete understanding in this knowledge area.

The study of classical harmony should follow only if your school require it.

Toned Solfege

Tonal Solfege is a sight-singing method based on harmonic cadences (end of musical pieces) and the use of tonal degrees for an easy identify of the sounds.

Once mastery the solfege, if your school requires it, you can complement with the study of the melodic intervals.




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